Join Us - or, make a donation

We ask each of you to join the SRSS, and donate an amount equal to the cost of a resident fishing license plus a salmon/steelhead permit in your home state, an amount less than $50 in most cases. For example, an Idaho fisherman would donate about $40. This donation will be used to help ensure that there is something to fish for in your home rivers, especially in the Snake/Columbia River and its tributaries.

We are required by federal law to obtain names and addresses of members and donors. For donations of $200 or less in any calendar year, names and addresses will be kept totally confidential, maintained only in our records.

For donations exceeding $200 in any calendar year, we are required to report donor name, address, occupation and employer periodically to the Federal Election Commission. Other than complying with this rule, no personal information about members or donors will be released to anyone.

We need all the financial help we can get. The maximum donation allowed to the SRSS in any calendar year is $5000 per person. Husbands and wives each have separate $5000 annual limits. Be as generous as you can; this is truly about putting our money where our ‘position’ is.

We will use your contributions wisely, and will report back to you from time to time about the contributions made to pro-salmon candidates and office-holders on your behalf.

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