Join SRSS by Donating Today

Suggested Price: $100.00

2020 is an election year, and a critical year for wild salmon, orcas, and sustainable fisheries.  There are key elections in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho where this PAC can make a difference.  It all depends on you.

Please join the SRSS now by donating as generously as you can.  Donors average between $50-200; the maximum is $5000 per person per year, spouses can make separate $5000 donations.  Donations are pooled for maximum effect, to help ensure that there will be something to fish for in your home waters, especially in the Snake/Columbia River, its tributaries, and offshore.

Federal law requires us to obtain names and addresses of all donors; donations of $200 or less in a calendar year are recorded only in our files and will remain confidential.  Donations exceeding $200 per individual per year must be included in periodic reports to the Federal Election Commission, with name, address, occupation and employer.   Otherwise, no personal information about donors will be released to anyone.

Please be as generous as you can.  It’s up to you; we must put some money to work, now.  We use your contributions wisely, and will report back from time to time about the contributions made to support pro-salmon candidates and office-holders, or to oppose anti-salmon politicians.   Thank you!

Minimum Price: $25.00